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   Vpp2016isamulti-functional PIN PAD with contactless reader and electronic signature. This device can be used to connect with EFT-POS, MIS-POS or other financial terminals to provide PIN entry, contactless card quick payment andelectronic signature capture. It provides easy integration solution for current terminals with limited ports to meet versatile application scenarios. It integrates cardholder operations into one tiny device to simplify use and save thespace.
   Vpp2016isdesignedwithhighsecurityschemesandhaspassedPCI4.xandChinaUnionPayPINentrysecuritycertifications. Itbringsthecustomerwithsafe,convenient,andsimpleoperationexperiences.

Performance Specification MCU£ºCortex-M3
Security part Features Processor£º32-Bit security MCU
Key Pads 15 keys
Sign Pad Resistance Touch Panel
Display Resolution 128*64 LED back light
Audio Support audio file play
Buzzer Beep
Contactless Card Reader RFiD/13.56 MHz£ºISO 14443 Type A/B & ISO 18092
4 RF Indicator:Red,Yellow,Blue,Green
Power supply DC input£ºDC 5V/500mA
Interface UART£ºTTL or RSR232 interface
Environmental Operation temp.£º0¡æ~50¡æ
Storage temp. £º-20¡æ~70¡æ
Relative humidity£º10% ~ 90%£¬non-condensing
Physical (L x W x H) 145*92*89£¨mm£©
Weight 303.7 g
Certificate 1¡¢PCI4.x
2¡¢Pin Enter Security Certification

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